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Edelskov Bus Copenhagen

Edelskov Bus Copenhagen is always the right choice, when you need individual transportation by bus.

We offer different bus types for your wishes and requirements. Transfer – Sightseeing – Excursions – Congress – Round trip- Buses in all sizes from 6 to 84 pass – VIP Coaches – VIP Mini Van.

We guarantee professional preparation and execution of different kinds of transportation jobs, where your wishes and needs are given pride of place. We collaborate with the tourist association and local tourist bureaus around the country and therefore we can offer an optimal guide service on sightseeing tours.

All guides are authorized and well-trained and we can offer guide services in nearly all languages. Contact our experienced staff and they will assist you with inspiration and guidance so your tour is exciting and interesting. We have a large responsibility each time we welcome your guest and therefore we demand busses and drivers in a class by itself especially with regards to safety standards and the environment. We only use Euro5 busses.

Over the course of many years we have built up great knowledge concerning passenger transportation and offer our personal and professional expertise and advising. Ultimately all good bus experiences are about people and involvement, therefore when you call us, you are choosing to be different. Feel the inspiration and contact us for additional information.

We look forward to accompanying you, your customers and guests on your travels.

Copenhagen METRO

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From Copenhagen Airport to the Heart of Copenhagen City in only 14 minutes.

Copenhagen has one of the world’s best transport infrastructures. It is safe and efficient guaranteeing minimal transfer time in and around the city. The Copenhagen Metro runs to and from Copenhagen Airport. The metro is the fastest and cheapest way of getting from the airport to the City.

You can purchase tickets for public transport from the metro ticket machines located in all metro stations, including the airport. The tickets are valid for the metro, the trains and the buses in greater Copenhagen - you need a three zone ticket from the airport to the city center.

For larger international conventions in Copenhagen over a 1000 delegates, organizers or associations of large conventions can offer their delegates easy and inexpensive public transportation with a Travel Pass.

Copenhagen Airport

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In close cooperation with airlines, partners and our surroundings, Copenhagen Airport has created fantastic travel experiences for millions of people over the past many years. Traveling is good for the individual and good for the society. Traveling and experiencing new cultures creates human value and it supports growth and secures jobs.

Copenhagen Airport is pursuing our ambitious goal of a green transition, and we are constantly working to create the best framework for the airport of the future, so that we can continue to be one of Europe's most efficient airports. It must be done in close cooperation with our passengers, partners and surroundings and with respect for the local community we are part of.