Formegon is an independent total supplier who with creativity solves all imaginable tasks within graphic design, graphic production, digital production, events and merchandise. We always do our best to meet the wishes and needs of the customers.

We always take pride in finding the best possible solution to the tasks - from the first idea to the finished product, and nothing is too big or too small for us. Service and trust are the key words based on many years of experience in the graphics industry.

We are nine dedicated employees who are a good mix of talented project managers and creative graphic designers. In addition, we have a large network of suppliers in different industries, where we can freely choose the production possibilities, since we are not affiliated with a specific printing company. We solve the most demanding tasks and always deliver the best possible result.


Graphic production:

  • Traditional graphic production from idea and layout to print and finishing. Each job is optimized in terms of quality, price and delivery time. Simply everything with pressure.

Graphic communication:

  • Creative campaigns / presentations, visual identities and professional graphic design across materials and various media, both online and offline.

Instore & outdoor:

  • Point Of Sales (POS) materials that create awareness and sales. Banners, flags and other city-dressing as eye-catchers for events, facades and public spaces.

Digital Production / Social Media:

  • Digital production for big screens, info signs, apps etc. as well as production for various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


  • All kinds of merchandise, (promotional gifts / give-aways) that showcase the customers' brand, or highlight a particular event.

Project management and event management:

  • Project management of various tasks as well as all kinds of events, including planning, budgeting and execution of, among other things, decoration at sporting events, fairs and similar events. We are independent of the production apparatus and can therefore solve tasks of any kind and handle the entire production process. Our specialty is simply to dress up any event.