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Formegon / A part of Bording Denmark

360° communication and marketing

Formegon is a part of Bording Denmark - a communications and marketing bureau delivering 360° value to our customers by advising, executing and delivering. We translate your desires and challenges into holistic and tailored communication and marketing solutions.  

We solve all imaginable tasks within our 4 services of specialty: Creative, Print Management, Digital and Logistics. Keeping the customer in focus, we create solutions that combine good craftsmanship, solid experience and shrewd market insight. 

Our more than 100 employees always take pride in finding the best possible solution for the tasks - from the first idea to the finished product, and nothing is too big or too small for us. Service and trust are the key words based on many years of experience in the industry. 


Our services 


  • Creative campaigns, visual concepts and professional graphic design across various materials and media - both online and offline. 
  • Traditional graphic production from idea and layout to print and finishing. Each job is optimized in terms of quality, price and delivery time.  
  • Project management of various tasks as well as all kinds of events, including planning, budgeting, execution of decoration at sporting events, fairs and similar events.
  • Digital marketing and advertising on all relevant platforms. Our SEO specialists are ready to help you reach your customers. 

Print Management

  • Instore and outdoor solutions from shop fittings and displays, to signs, banners, POS, and eye-catching advertising materials. 
  • Merchandise in all its kinds e.g., promotional gifts or give-aways that showcase the customer's brand or highlight a particular event. 


  • Digital production for big screens, info signs, apps etc. as well as production for various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.  
  • Lotteries or gamification solutions within areas such as fundraising, marketing and learning. Let us help you create unique and engaging experiences that capture your customer's attention.


  • To make sure we offer 360° value in all our solutions, we also help you with the storage and distribution if needed. offers immersive and interactive 3D & VR-models for unique presentation, interaction and documentation of your facilities or spaces - hotel, fair, convention centre or any small or large environment you want to present to the world. helps you show your brand to the world – like it has never been seen before. 3D virtual spaces Experience fully immersive virtual spaces that feel so real, it’s like being there yourself. 3D/VR-spaces will take you to the real world and beyond. The immersive web player — 3D Virtual Showcase — is in real 4K HDR and simple for anyone to use.

Advanced users can even export the 3D data to other applications for even more and spectacular possibilities. The presentations are web-based and will implement on any online tool, website or application. The vivid and immersive 3D-models give you a fantastic tool to experience any given space – like being there yourself. Ideal for hotels, conferences, show rooms, real estate, museums and much more. The 3D-models are a precise and accurate documentation for scanned spaces.

The system includes specialized measurement tools, detailed floor plans, area descriptions and information tags. Media-tags Dynamic media-tags create a fantastic tool for costumer interactive services. We support 400+ services including Google, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, LinkedIn and many more.

Virtual Reality - VR Virtual Reality (VR) is “the new black” in entertainment, therefore Scanmore’s VR Spaces are hugely immersive and engaging, because viewers get a total sense of presence – the cognitive sense of physically being in a place. Works with both Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard.

Scanmore features

  • 3D Virtual Showcase with 3D tour
  • Floor plans with area measuring pr. floor and total 
  • Download 4K HDR print quality pictures for marketing 
  • Dynamic measuring tools (both metric and imperial)
  • Unique interaction tools for an even greater experience 
  • 100% web-based – works on all platforms

At we are determined to help you show your brand to the world – like it has never been seen before.

Teletech KonferenceKommunikation A/S


Teletech has more than 30 years of experience as a total supplier of audio-visual equip­ment, interpretation equipment and technical project management for meetings, conferences and events. We can help you, whether you just need a small amount of equipment or a complete solution for a large conference.

We also offer complete virtual meeting- and conference setups. We provide streaming and video production and can help you and your delegates before and during the virtual meeting. We also supply the possibility for remote interpretation (RSI) meaning that interpreters can interpret to your virtual meeting or event over the internet.


Our technical project managers and technicians are used to creating customized av-solutions for each assignment. We work closely with the client on project meetings, site inspections and through daily contact.


We can cover all your equipment needs for small or large projects, whether they are for complete audio-visual solutions, BOSCH interpretation equipment or a combination of the two. Teletech is a certified Bosch Security Systems Dealer and co-founder of Congress Rental Network, ensuring the same high standard, no matter where in the world you plan your conference.

To learn more about our services contact us on +45 4492 9800 or visit our website at

Make Sense

Hybrid - Virtual - Content 

Full scale conference productions and live streaming, with more than 15+ years of experience.

We are a leading creative visual production company with 15+ years of solid experience. From small intimate livestreaming productions to internationally scaled conference productions. From small video productions to high production value content  - Make Sense does it all.

Our company is built around a strong foundation of journalistic, creative and visual storytelling. We work professionally with every aspect of the production: From the initial idea to the final production - and to the activation of your content on social media platforms. We are your trusted advisors.

We work closely with global and domestic brands and public organizations. We possess the required skillset, to emphasize your communication and visual output. We tell your story!

We customize all of your events to your liking - based on your wishes and ambitions. We don´t provide fixed solutions or package deals. As we say - it has to Make Sense!

Hybrid events

Our specialty is the POP-UP TV-station, where we custom-build a complete studio or use the scenography at your location, fully equipped with cameras, lights, sound equipment, production hardware, scenography and a staff of skilled journalists and technicians. Our graphical department will additionally create an eyecatching graphical identity and airlook for your conference. We offer technical expertise, editorial experience and supervision with our live streaming and hybrid conferences. If needed, we can provide an array of professional hosts for your event as well.

But what happens when the event is over? We can assist you in making the most out of your conference after the event. Key takeaways from the conference and interviews with keynote speakers can keep the event relevant for a long period of time, thus maximising your investment.

Live streaming:

With our live streaming, we draw on our vast experience of virtual and hybrid events, to create memorable content. This is ideal for smaller scale productions such as CEO briefings, kick-offs or symposiums. You will still experience a highly professional output, where graphics, airlook, platform, Powerpoint integration, videocalls and much more is possible.