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Organic cucine label gold
ESG rapport for Lola and Hahnemanns
Type of Cuisine:
World flavors and New Nordic tendenciess
Private Dining Capacity:
110 delegates
Meeting Room Capacity:
110 delegates
Seated Capacity:
110 delegates
Max Outdor Capacity:
110 delegates
Max capacity reception:
110 delegates

Our gastronomic profile is an inspiration from all the wonderful places we have eaten, lived and worked around the world. We combine that with Danish seasonal produce, that way we can fokus on flavor knowing that we have the best avalible produce in hand.

Between Lola and Hahnemanns Køkken, we offer baked gods, pastries, cooking classes, meeting facilities, plus lunch and dinner service.

We´re very proud that the Michelin guide has included us in the guide.

The classic kitchen hierarchy is mostly about promoting a well-known chef as the main attraction. This has its advantages to a certain extent, but our philosophy is that you are nothing without your team. Everyone can be part of the process, have ideas and create new ways of doing things, both gastronomically and in regards to communication and well-being. We are each our own collection of unique experiences and inspirations and we believe our guests should benefit from that.

Both places have outdoor service and are with in walking distance from the metro, Lola even also has a beautiful private garden, with a petanque court.


We have a strict no-racism, sexism, nationalism policy. Just as we tolerate no so-called "old school" lingo. We consider Lola and Hahnemanns Køkken to be both a safe space and a work place. A place where staff and guests can be themselves.

Together with University of Copenhagen we had a CO2 rapport done. The rapport shows we're on the rigth path, but there's of course more we can do. It has proven to be an important guideline, when making future decisions.

Lola has the Organic cuisine label Silver (60-90 % organic)

Hahnemanns has the Organic cucine label Gold (90 -100 % organic)

We´re members of Nordic Foodprint that supports and founds regenativ farming

Restaurant Lola