We think the following statement describes us best:

“The services The Meeting Planners provided was timely and of very high quality. I cannot remember I have experienced a congress organizer as professional as the Meeting Planners, but at the same time with a personal touch making the 16th European Meeting on Complement in Human Disease a great success given the feedback I have received from participants. To sum up The Meeting Planner is an excellent top international congress organizer and is an example to be followed by others" 

Peter Garred, Professor of Clinical Molecular Medicine, Copenhagen University Hospital

Going beyond event logistics, The Meeting Planners provides leadership in the execution of results orientated meetings.

We design, arrange and organize events, such as congresses, corporate events, fairs, incentives, seminars and conventions.

  • we have strong international networks and a reputation for delivering a high level of service.
  • we take pride in delivering results for associations, not-for-profit, corporate and government sectors.
  • we can provide you with a partial or complete service at a competitive rate.
  • our approach to event logistics is systemized and highly accountable.
  • any size, any location, we will help you reach your project goals professionally and efficiently.

Everything we do does at some point revolve around sustainability - whether it is the small things in everyday life; saving water, energy or paper at the office, reducing food waste, biking to work or/and meetings - our people and the way we work together - the charity organisations we support - to the awareness of  the sustainability element in the materials, venues and events we propose.
Are we there yet?  No, not even close. But our mindset works with sustainable solutions to most tasks. Let us discuss the possibilities. 

Location: Lyngby Hovedgade 44A, 1, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby