experiencepartner A/S is a live communication agency – we strive to generate valuable moments in accordance with the targets set by our clients. We specialize in conferences, conventions, and corporate events. We firmly believe in robust project management, flawless logistics handling, cutting-edge production, and creativity. We conceptualize and innovate in order to successfully extend the lifespan of the communication.

In our world, every occasion, from high profiled management conferences to captivating product launches, is an opportunity to forge, expand, and strengthen crucial relations between all stakeholders involved. We firmly believe that content-driven live communication is not just a tool but a powerhouse, creating value that resonates long after the event concludes.

In the relentless battle for attention, where the risk of being drowned out is ever-present, we understand the importance of crafting unique communications that linger in the minds of your audience. Our mission is not just to deliver an event but to create an experience that stands the test of time.

With a meticulous eye for every aspect of the process, from creative sparring and venue research to logistics management, project responsibility, and budgeting procedures, we are dedicated to ensuring you achieve the best outcome and value.

experiencepartner is more than a name; it embodies the decades of experience as well as the knowledge, that a successful event is a partnership. We have been working with both national and international clients and venues. Our focus has always been on the outcome and the predefined goals, which we believe is the key to unlocking extraordinary possibilities.

Location: Nattergalevej 13, 2630 Taastrup