The Green Key

CAP Partner offers conference management at all levels with a focus on maximising the outcome for conference participants, sponsors, organisers and other stakeholders. 

Whether the conference is in-person, hybrid with live streaming or fully virtual, CAP Partner can assist you with everything from overall Project Management, Financial, Registration, Hotel Reservation, Transportation, Social and Networking Events, Sponsorship and Exhibition Sales, Meeting Design, Abstract Handling, Marketing, Communications and much more.

Our strengths: We are the biggest PCO company in Scandinavia operating all over Europe. We know how to organize a congress considering the needs of many different groups of stakeholders.

“Making a difference” has always been important and part of the DNA of CAP Partner. Having worked as both PCO and Core PCO for several associations for more than 20 years, we know what is at stake for our clients and their conferences. We have a strong focus on economy, logistics, digital elements and most importantly service. We are a team of 40 highly trained staff with extensive experience in conference planning and project management.

With CAP Partner, your conference benefits from the knowledge and experience we have from other conferences – without getting lost and becoming one of many. We operate with transparent budgets, no hidden costs.

We have a strong focus on economy, an excellent track record in fundraising for scientific conferences, are experts in VAT procedures and VAT reimbursement for scientific conferences. We consistently deliver a high level of service, are always well prepared and understand the importance of smooth logistics.



It is important to CAP Partner to work in a sustainable and responsible manner.
The following measures have been taken in order to reach our goal of being more sustainable as a company and as a professional conference organiser:

  • Minimize the use of plastic – e.g. we no longer use plastic holders for participant badges, they are made of paper only
  • We recycle all paper, plastic, metal and other recyclable materials
  • We recommend our clients to have less printed congress materials, and become more digital instead
  • We try to minimize the food waste by continuously adjusting catering orders. When possible, we recommend that conferences make registration fees lower and offer catering for purchase instead of including it in the registration fee.
  • When it makes sense, we urge our speakers to take the train instead of a flight
  • When possible, we organize it so that delegates use public transport or bike instead of organizing conference shuttles
  • When possible, we choose the most sustainable suppliers we can find

We will continue to investigate new ways of becoming more sustainable in all of our operations as a company and within the meetings industry.

Location: Nordre Fasanvej 113, 2000 Frederiksberg