The Green Key
Distance to City center:
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Max capacity theatre:
60 delegates
Max capacity banquet:
60 delegates
Max capacity reception:
60 delegates
Hotel rooms:
87 rooms

A little slice of Bali in the heart of Copenhagen

5-star hot spot in Copenhagen, smack in the middle of some of Copenhagen´s most attractive sights and areas! A stay at Manon Les Suites will be a dream experience that you´ll never forget –  bohemian luxury, breathtaking design, and a festive atmosphere meets sustainable and superb food, drinks & service.

Manon Les Suites has 87 suites available, and offers a Bali-style indoor pool with a lounge area and extended fitness facilities, as well as a fantastic cozy rooftop terrace.

Manon Les Suites takes the Guldsmeden Hotels concept to a new level – the relaxed, sustainable lifestyle in a hip, happy and lush environment is the perfect urban base for friends or couples looking to enjoy everything that Copenhagen has to offer. Just a few minutes´ walk from the iconic Copenhagen lakes, Tivoli gardens and city center, Torvehallernes gourmet-food market, the lovely green inner-city parks, design shops, and restaurants – you name it, it's just around the corner!

Manon´s Rooftop Restaurant, Chapung offers an amazing view while serving signature cocktails, the very best in wine, beer, soft drinks, and a mouth-watering menu of Asian-fusion dishes. There´s something for everyone, and you can enjoy your selected favorites while lounging on the soft rooftop beds or enjoying the view from the tables in the restaurant.

The Green Globe certified Guldsmeden Hotels are pioneers of sustainable hotel operation and set the highest standards for sustainability worldwide. During your stay, you will be a part of an inspiring and eco-friendly universe that recycle, reuse and reduce whenever possible.

Please note that the Manon les Suites is an adult-only hotel. Our Adults Only Concept is based on offering a stress-free stay and is aimed at those who seek to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere combined with parties and a pleasant time with their friends or partner.




Overall, sustainability for us is the fundamental element of our entire operation, and no decision is made, a production started, or a new process was introduced without the sustainability angle having defined it first. It is our first priority that sets all the goals.

We are committed to giving our guests a wonderful stay with as little negative environmental impact as possible, while contributing to the common pool of knowledge regarding sustainable practices within daily operations. As a company founded in an entrepreneurial spirit, we are in constant development – but our core strength will always be to provide a warm and personal experience, and to say goodbye to our guests having given them the satisfaction of a wonderful stay, a feeling of having been cared for, a wish to return – and hopefully a few good tips and ideas for a more environmentally sound everyday life.

So what do we do?


We have a no-fly policy for all food and drink, giving you the assurance that we are not serving food that has been flown in. In terms of food waste, we measure and document all food waste twice a day, and the minimal food waste that we do have, is picked up by DAKA Refood, who turn it into biofuel.


When you add sustainability to the picture, it changes and there is a need for completely different routines when it comes to housekeeping. We start by entering each room with fresh eyes to gather an impression - what needs to be done here and what doesn´t. This applies, for instance, to the garbage bin, which is lined with a green biodegradable and compostable bag: we check out the contents and assess whether to replace the whole bag or whether to just lift out the items.


We choose to decorate outside of trends, as we do not want to replace usable furniture but use the furniture until it´s worn out. Therefore, natural materials are also prioritized as they age with grace and can bear a little wear and tear. Furniture is designed by and produced for us with FSC-certified wood and other natural, sustainable materials.

Location: Gyldenløvesgade 19, 1600 Copenhagen