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A beautifully restored and renovated Grand Joanne just opened its doors with unique rooms and suites, a standout restaurant, elegant garden, rooftop bar, and a whole lot more. All in the veritable heart of Vesterbro, one of Copenhagen’s most lively, vibrant, and authentic areas, offering a pleasant and convenient starting point to explore all the good things that can be found here – right on our doorstep.

Grand Joanne will be here to bring people together. Whether you’re travelling, enjoying a night out, or just looking for a place to hang out, we can’t wait to create great shared memories while taking in good food, music, and culture in the heart of Vesterbro.

To make the above possible, we have created many different places where you can enjoy a drink, good food, host an event or network with your colleagues. We offer design spaces, such as a rooftop on 6th floor with the best view of Vesterbro, a restaurant with bar that includes a private dinning room and a Chef´s table or even our Living Room with art exibitions.

If you want something completely different, then we are more than happy to assist you with your wishes. 

At our Restaurant Joanne’s, we remember our roots and memories, and we cook with strong inspiration from traditional Danish dishes and produce. However, we are, just as our guests, well-travelled cosmopolitans and our kitchen reflect that. A supporting ingredient here, a supplementing spice there, from whichever part of the world that the dish takes us to.

We let the dishes speak through sustainable high-quality ingredients, treated with respect from highly experienced chefs. At Joanne’s we envision a dinner to be a cozy and nice affair, like visiting friends. More importantly, focus on keeping the dishes simple, and the taste full of flavor and complexity.

Joanne’s is a social kitchen, and the food can both be shared family-style with smaller and larger dishes or be eaten the traditional way. If you are food curious, have a hard time deciding, or just the way you are, we also offer our tasting menu with the chef’s selection of deliciousness. 

Come to our place and let us spoil you the way we can.

Grand Joanne will set the stage for an abundance of experiences … all with a hotel on top!

Location: Vesterbrogade 9, 1620 København