The Green Key
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Urban bohemian hideaway in the heart of Copenhagen´s Montmartre area

With Vesterbro´s gritty glamour and love of life just outside the door, the bigger, brighter, born-again 66 Guldsmeden is a warm and secluded haven, giving you exactly what you need for a perfect stay in Copenhagen. There are so many great places in this neighborhood – a huge selection of restaurants & cafés, great shopping if you´re after something cool and unusual, art galleries and music venues, and lovely parks just a short walk away. 

If you´re looking for an unusual and inspiring venue for a private lunch, small meeting, or creative get-together, you should go and take a look at this lush and leafy glass cabana at the 66 Guldsmeden. Placed in the quiet courtyard, you´re close enough to let the Carlton family spoil you with the best organic food and drink.

Don´t miss a quiet moment or two in the cozy lounge furniture on one of the lovely terraces surrounding the café, the Carlton Cantina. Bring your hot coffee or tea in the morning, or enjoy a drink in the evening – you will be provided with warm blankets and outdoor heating, so there's always an opportunity for a breath of fresh air, even during the Danish winter. The organic and delicious signature Guldsmeden breakfast can be enjoyed in the cozy café or on the adjacent balconies!

Situated in our cozy courtyard, the Carltons Caravans are the ideal choice for close friends and lovers looking for a luxurious yet untraditional environment and features a fully equipped bathroom as well as a tea/coffee kitchenette and mini-bar. Guests staying in a Carlton Caravan naturally have full access to the hotel' services and amenities.




Overall, sustainability for us is the fundamental element of our entire operation, and no decision is made, a production started, or a new process was introduced without the sustainability angle having defined it first. It is our first priority that sets all the goals.

We are committed to giving our guests a wonderful stay with as little negative environmental impact as possible, while contributing to the common pool of knowledge regarding sustainable practices within daily operations. As a company founded in an entrepreneurial spirit, we are in constant development – but our core strength will always be to provide a warm and personal experience, and to say goodbye to our guests having given them the satisfaction of a wonderful stay, a feeling of having been cared for, a wish to return – and hopefully a few good tips and ideas for a more environmentally sound everyday life.

So what do we do?


We have a no-fly policy for all food and drink, giving you the assurance that we are not serving food that has been flown in. In terms of food waste, we measure and document all food waste twice a day, and the minimal food waste that we do have, is picked up by DAKA Refood, who turn it into biofuel.


When you add sustainability to the picture, it changes and there is a need for completely different routines when it comes to housekeeping. We start by entering each room with fresh eyes to gather an impression - what needs to be done here and what doesn´t. This applies, for instance, to the garbage bin, which is lined with a green biodegradable and compostable bag: we check out the contents and assess whether to replace the whole bag or whether to just lift out the items.


We choose to decorate outside of trends, as we do not want to replace usable furniture but use the furniture until it´s worn out. Therefore, natural materials are also prioritized as they age with grace and can bear a little wear and tear. Furniture is designed by and produced for us with FSC-certified wood and other natural, sustainable materials.

Location: Vesterbrogade 66, 1620 Copenhagen