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Distance to City center:
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Max capacity theatre:
46 delegates
Max capacity banquet:
0 delegates
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0 delegates
Hotel rooms:
219 rooms

a&o in Sydhavn Copenhagen has more than 200 modern rooms, all equipped with their own bathroom (WC/shower) and essential personal toiletries. The reception area and bar are available around the clock with helpful tips, tasty snacks, and drinks. High-speed internet is provided free of charge in all rooms and communal areas.

Centrally located: a&o Copenhagen Sydhavn

Our a&o is located just two stops away from the central train station, in the up-and-coming district of Sydhavnen. Thanks to excellent public transport connections, Copenhagen’s sights can be reached quickly and easily. Harbors, parks, shopping, restaurants, and bars are all within easy reach. If arriving by car, there are parking spaces available at the hotel – best to reserve in advance.

Special features of our hostel a&o Copenhagen Sydhavn

We really love our inner courtyard – it’s the perfect place to relax with a book on warm days. Those wishing to get active can let off steam with a round of table football or on our billiards table. For do-it-yourself lovers, kitchens and laundry facilities are available. There are meeting rooms for businesspeople and a co-working space in the charming Design-Lobby.


Together with our suppliers, employees and also our guests, we have been working for many years to be sustainable and carefull with the resources we use. All our hotels are certified with the GreenSign. Already now, a&o consumes only 5.9 kg of CO2 per overnight stay and is thus already 75% below the consumption that other hotels show.

Our goal is to be the first European hostel chain to be CO2 neutral by 2025. "Net zero" for us means reducing our own ecological footprint to a minimum and offsetting the rest.

Our Mission:

Environmental awareness, sustainability and the preservation of our natural environment are firmly anchored in the company genes. To illustrate this, a&o has set itself an ambitious goal: We want to be the first hostel business to reach the mark of "net zero" in CO2 emissions. An ecologically prudent way of doing business that combines the production of CO2 emissions with the still high standards of customer satisfaction and service quality is at the heart of our strategy.

Our values:

Our corporate values are to be further consolidated and form the guiding principle in our entrepreneurial activities. In addition to solidarity, diversity, innovation and dynamism, we stand above all for sympathy. The goal here is, of course, to hold on to these values again and to internalize them in the minds of all employees and guests. Because as with so many things, it only works through cooperation, dedicated teamwork and through the actions of each individual working towards a common goal - in keeping with the motto #everyonecantravel!

Location: Sydhavns Plads 4, 2450 Copenhagen, Denmark