Every day, we strive to build up a long-term and high-trust relationship with our personnel and our partners, because we believe it is a prerequisite for high-quality service. It is our mission to keep our staff motivated and leave our partners highly satisfied by the service, we provide.   

Who are we? recruits professional and qualified hosts for congresses, conferences, fairs and other event activities. Since 2002, we have staffed numerous events of various scales for different business sectors (e.g. the political, high-tech, automotive, maritime, energy and medical sectors). We have a proven track record of successfully accomplishing events, procuring all from 1-350 hosts.  

Today, we can proudly say that we are a leading provider of conference staffing in the Danish market and in the Nordic region as we also operate and staff events in Sweden and Finland. We fulfill event staffing needs in all the Nordic countries and the Baltic states.

Who are our hosts?  

The core qualifications that form our talent pool are excellent service-mindedness, situational  intelligence as well as extensive cultural and linguistic skills. Our hosts and hostesses are carefully selected for each assignment - some events will require relaxed Scandinavian service and others will demand high standard VIP treatment. Our rich experience with international partners has enabled us to provide the right staff for each occasion. Should you need other administrative support prior to your events, we would be able to assign the right staff to help as well. 

We look forward to working with you! 

Services: Registration, onsite management, information desk, cloak room, badge control, transfers, VIP service, session room management, general assistance amongst others.

Location: Rosenørns Allé 31, 1970 Frederiksberg C