Smiling Event Pilots to Guide, Provide your Service and Support

                                                                                                                                        Welcome On-Board...


  Why Us  -  Who Are We                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The Event Pilots simply provide elevated service staff.

We strive to be the go-to team for an easy one-stop solution. From hospitality to venue setup, our dynamic team got you covered. Your event vision is our mission.

You will be provided tailored assistance, in any required area, we secure steady growth of approximately 200 employees, to constitute a wide range of services. The Event Pilots’ services are perfected by thorough continuous quality control and insightful knowledge of our individual team members. By that, we can guarantee handpicked, skilled professionals to reliably execute and efficient support every time, whether you need a stellar team or simply one proactive helper.

  Your Event Pilot                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

According to the responsibilities you need; the Event Pilot you get will meet, greet, assist, receive, tend, distribute, relay, check, control, direct, engage and interact with any kind of guests, partners, members, audience, visitors, faculties, VIP’s or general public.

All Event Pilots are adept at practicing interprofessional collaboration. They excellent at working under the instructions of an Event Manager, cooperate in waitering or meeting support and have also assisted with crowd management - Our staff is ready to aid transform your requests into exactly what you need to execute any event to success, every step of the way!




Due to the company profile the Event Pilots are proud to have a low consumption rate. We endeavor to leave as little imprint on the environment as possible. We do this by using low energy machines and equipment, mindful waste sorting and distributing and sharing resources with related agencies.

Furthermore, the Event Pilots recognizes the call for support to smaller businesses and engage local supplier relations eg. by loyalty arrangements.


We take great ownership of our social responsibility and are proactive in the fight against social dumping by competitive wages and supplements.

 Our key standpoint, when hiring, is to search out diverse personal with relevant experience, emphasizing skillset before all else.
We screen candidates to demonstrate good judgment, who value the customers’ appearance, and even under pressure, deliver great service with an encouraging smile – In short; real people, who show us what a positive mindset looks like!

Many of our employees are students who enroll in higher education. We have found this strategy of employment creates support for energetic self-starters and equally profound team players.

“I feel there is a strong outlook on understanding and responding to the needs of us as employees. Playing to our individual strengths, they actually developed a fulfilling, varied workplace experience… I think it is empowering to be provided with courses and opportunities e.g. to rise to team leader positions. We all get to contribute to building our togetherness and community right from the start.” Nina; Event Pilot

“Working as an Event Pilot alongside my education, I am supported through flexible hours, professional growth and personalized benefits to manage life, in- and outside of work.” Peter; Event Pilot

Location: Vesterbrogade 69, 3. th DK-1620 København V