CPH Lounge is the leading supplier to the overall meeting-, exhibition- and event industry and our expertise lies especially in the interior of the lounge, dining areas, VIP areas, furniture for parties, conference and exhibition set-up etc.

Under the motto; ' Creating Small Worlds ' we always make a point of offering and creating something unique for each customer - a great success and memorable experience for all. Our expertise is to create exactly the universe the client wants - at the right time with the right set-up, especially at the right price.

We are used to working with very tight deadlines and to comply with these - something all customers appreciate. No hidden costly or sudden surprises after an event.

We give our customers peace and security - our service is unique in the industry. It is you the customer who decides when we work - we always keep open.



Circular business model
Rental and recycling of furniture is a circular business model which is the foundation of our business. When the furniture no longer lives up to our high standard, it is given away to private individuals or charities.

Cleaning and maintenance
In connection with cleaning and maintenance of our furniture, we always use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly. We reuse original packaging for transport and storage of our furniture.

Even in the fight against COVID-19, it has been important that we have been able to secure our customers, but never compromise on the environment. We therefore treat our furniture with a liquid which is not harmful to humans, animals and the environment - but eliminates 99.99% of all viruses incl. COVID-19.

Location: Nøglegårdsvej 13, 3540 Lynge