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Scanmore.com offers immersive and interactive 3D & VR-models for unique presentation, interaction and documentation of your facilities or spaces - hotel, fair, convention centre or any small or large environment you want to present to the world.

Scanmore.com helps you show your brand to the world – like it has never been seen before. 3D virtual spaces Experience fully immersive virtual spaces that feel so real, it’s like being there yourself. Scanmore.com 3D/VR-spaces will take you to the real world and beyond. The immersive web player — 3D Virtual Showcase — is in real 4K HDR and simple for anyone to use.

Advanced users can even export the 3D data to other applications for even more and spectacular possibilities. The presentations are web-based and will implement on any online tool, website or application. The vivid and immersive 3D-models give you a fantastic tool to experience any given space – like being there yourself. Ideal for hotels, conferences, show rooms, real estate, museums and much more. The 3D-models are a precise and accurate documentation for scanned spaces.

The system includes specialized measurement tools, detailed floor plans, area descriptions and information tags. Media-tags Dynamic media-tags create a fantastic tool for costumer interactive services. We support 400+ services including Google, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, LinkedIn and many more.

Virtual Reality - VR Virtual Reality (VR) is “the new black” in entertainment, therefore Scanmore’s VR Spaces are hugely immersive and engaging, because viewers get a total sense of presence – the cognitive sense of physically being in a place. Works with both Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard.

Scanmore features

  • 3D Virtual Showcase with 3D tour
  • Floor plans with area measuring pr. floor and total 
  • Download 4K HDR print quality pictures for marketing 
  • Dynamic measuring tools (both metric and imperial)
  • Unique interaction tools for an even greater experience 
  • 100% web-based – works on all platforms

At Scanmore.com we are determined to help you show your brand to the world – like it has never been seen before.